to adequately host the volunteers, collaborators and coordinators our organization has prepared a cozy atmosphere in the house of the organization.

Our intention is to offer a warm, comfortable enough and safe  without the inconveniences of overcrowding or cramps that usually offer commercial accommodation in this area, for this, we only accept groups of between three and nine participants maximum per monthly period The bimonthly.
Accommodation for Volunteers

It is a place where you can have the opportunity to live and share with other volunteers, and the Coordinators.

A-sharing-your-self We form a group within a space in which we share, in a lively and fun way, everything that our cultural diversity can offer (from preparing new culinary dishes, playing games, watching movies, having an event or preparing Some cocktail from home Etc.)
You will have a single bed in a clean and cozy room, shared with other volunteers (twin beds). However, if you wish, you can also have a single room, depending on the availability of environments, we respect your personal space.

The house has basic services like: water, electric light, bathroom with hot shower, Basic equipped kitchen, dishes, utensils, gas bottle.
In addition to areas such as equipped kitchen, garden, large living room, large terrace.

here we have enabled a small office properly equipped, to facilitate the meetings and coordinate in a more comfortable way our work in the Association.

general contribution to the organization:
  • A single economic contribution of 190 Euros.
  • Discounts of 50% of this contribution from the second month for people with a good level of social implication in our projects, there is also the option of exempting or totally eliminating the contribution for the aforementioned item.
  • Economic stipend options from 30 to 50 percent of the total amount collected in the positions of: coordinator, assistant director, fundraiser, representatives, and friends of our organization (limited vacants)
  • IMPORTANT – this amount of contribution, discounts and other benefits are exclusively for the Huancayo project
Important details:
* discounts or exoneration of the contribution for people wishing a greater commitment or collaboration with the organization (coordinators, collaborators or friends of the association) previous evaluation, vacancies limited by period, consult or coordinate availability with the coordinator in Peru.

* Saturdays and Sundays, volunteers are usually out of town on trips and excursions.

Any disbursement of money or donation must be made upon the arrival of the volunteers to the project, we do not make online collections.

Important- The communication and coordination for acceptance as a volunteer, is directly with the Coordinator of the Organization in Peru (via telephone or Skype) or with those persons who are present as Coordinators  duly authorized by telephone.

We do not use other Persons or intermediaries (such as “Taxi drivers”, travel agencies or other Organizations) to offer or delegate services, responsibilities, projects or Contacts of any kind.