Social volunteering and cultural exchange in the Andes of Peru

a direct way of volunteering, knowing the culture and the most interesting places of this ancestral land and its living culture.


We are a social project driven by volunteers. We work directly with the Andean populations in a situation of poverty and exclusion promoting self-development based on the improvement of their education, organization and self-esteem. We are inspired by the Andean ideals of mutual support, reciprocity and respect for nature, our work is in the field, we have a form of participation and horizontal organization, volunteers and population.

Social volunteering

A fairly direct way of voluntary social work in populations with real need of support and help in the Andes of Peru

internships, languages and socio-cultural research

an effective and comforting form of study and socio-cultural immersion in collaboration of a team with experience and social training in development, knowledge and knowledge of the Andean world

Trips and expeditions

On weekends we organize non-commercial excursions to many places of “tourist”, ecological, cultural or mystical interest, visit know and experience first-hand villages, mountains, lagoons and beautiful landscapes of the Andes and central jungle, an experience very experiential.

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Magdalena Gallob (Austria)
I had a great time working with this programm. You get to really know the peruvian live when you are there since Huancayo is not touristic which is really nice. The work with the kids was amazing. They are really nice and are also very patient with you if you don’t understand. Working with the projekt also helped me to improve my Spanish since most people only speak spanish but everyone is welcoming you really warm and you soon feel part of the comuity. I really enjoyed my time at the project.

Volunteer projects

help in the education and self-esteem of children in situations of risk and abandonment

organizes, teaches, shares and at the same time learns from Andean women

there is no better way to know, study and experience the life and culture of the people of the Andean communities

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