Our program of internship is aimed at achieving the personal and professional development of the participant, based on an experience that prioritizes work and direct social intervention with populations, groups and individuals, in a totally experiential and empirical way, with continuous personalized support of our work team, also allowing a genuine experience of cultural exchange with both the population and our work group and organization, having the possibility to integrate organically into our organization and being part of it, being able to develop or direct roles or projects to the interior of this .

Aim of the internship:

  • To give the practitioner the possibility of knowing the field work in a practical and direct way, with the social groups where the organization develops tasks of support and socio - economic development.
  • Provide the opportunity to develop professional practices in the area of ​​academic specialty.
  • To help the development of the communities, groups and populations most in need, with the carrying out of activities and projects with these communities.
  • The practitioner will use the professional training to create a plan and execute projects in cooperation, in association with the organization.
  • Participate actively as a member of the Association, helping to improve the management of the organization (included in the administrative area and support in planning-organization). Combining practical experience and empirical work to improve the experience of cultural exchange and immersion in Peruvian culture.

Description of tasks and responsibilities:

  • Work with the members of the organization in order to carry out actions and projects in direct contact with vulnerable social groups and population (especially with children and parents).
  • Search - diagnose social needs and problems.
  • It studies how to prevent the appearance of social problems / risks in the target population.
  • Develop prevention and social assistance programs.
  • Supervise the administrative sector; understanding the importance of encouragement, guidance and direction (involving the development of the individual, group and potential communities to improve their quality of life).
  • help in the administrative area and in the work of office-cabinet of the organization
  • Evaluation, research in order to obtain reliable data for a program or social resource


  • preferably students or graduates of the area of ​​interest, professionals who wish to increase their experience may also request their participation.
  • Have a minimum of 21 years.
  • level of Spanish: basic or medium (a superior level is also appreciated)
  • Minimum commitment: 8 weeks, expandable upon request or need.
  • Collaborative person, adaptable and with an open and positive mentality.
  • It is important to have the quality to work and be integrated into a fairly united multicultural team.
    It is not necessary to have prior experience in the field of practice, you will have a personalized advisor of the association, teamwork.



A very significant aspect is that our organization has since its inception, with the impetus and continued participation of people with university and empirical training in the area of ​​economic, social and psychological-emotional development, are people with real motivation for social improvement here In the Andes of Peru, working passionately for several years, you have the security of having a qualified and passionate team at your side for your human and social work.