“Volunteering with this project is an intense cross cultural learning experience. The needs are varied and large among the families in the program, yet smiles and genuine personal relations are the norm. Frank and the other “tichers” are highly respected and warmly received.

I taught my first English lessons to elementary students and constructed an improved wood cook stove out of mud and bricks for a poor family cooking daily meals on an open fire. I breathed laboriously at the high altitude of the Mantaro Valley and learned first hand about muddy paths, Andean thunderstorms, and mountain travel by bus. I left with extended good byes, hugs from new friends and tears in my eyes.”

Peter Wotowiec (USA)

I would like to explain the experience I had in the NGO …

My name is Carmen Diego I did school reinforcement for children from 4 to 8 years old, we did English classes, sums, subtractions … and plastic

In the afternoons for a month we made two ovens … they were two unique and very special experiences …

I have to say that something changes your life, everything that helps is always good, you also realize how is the life of other people and you value life more, it is one of the best experiences ..

Carmen Diego (Spain)


I had a great time working with thisĀ  programm. You get to really know the peruvian live when you are there since Huancayo is not touristic which is really nice. The work with the kids was amazing. They are really nice and are also very patient with you if you don’t understand. Working with the projekt also helped me to improve my Spanish since most people only speak spanish but everyone is welcoming you really warm and you soon feel part of the comuity. I really enjoyed my time at the project.

Magda GallobĀ  (Austria)