Volunteering and cost

We are a social volunteer project driven by volunteers who work directly in populations and areas of extreme poverty in the central Andes of Peru.

Our mission is to help the children and people of these communities through educational, training and organizational projects, with direct actions of volunteering and social work in the same field as a way to improve or overcome their difficult social and economic situation which is caused by the difficult situation (economic - social) and cultural marginalization of their families.

Job content:

Our social work is very rewarding, this is seen in the results and the form of our work, in our experience we have had success as a volunteer group with those positive people, who have a High level of adaptation, the work is hard and you will be busy in most of the time but the reward is also great in human terms and a well-deserved rest with many activities of cultural exchange, relax and excursions that we organize among all.

  • Duration: Min 4 weeks
  • Location: Huancayo in the central Andes of Peru
  • Classes and activities:
    with the kids:
    teaching of English language, dance classes, acting and theater, help with homework, drawing and painting, outdoor sports, educational games, yoga, tutoring, crafts, pastries, teaching good cleaning and health, teaching social skills,
    With the community:
    construction work, outdoor workshops, surveys and visits to the community, office work, prepare classes, get materials, We are open to new ideas!

- Flexible schedule; Monday to Friday 6 to 8 hours per day. mornings and afternoons


  • Minimum Age 20 +
  • have some degree of English language
  • Verification of personal documentation as a passport.
  • In some cases you will need two letters of recommendation and health certificate.
  • letter of motivation and curriculum vitae
  • Although it would be highly valued, No need to have teaching experience or volunteer
  • Capacity for teamwork and keeping the working group together
  • Have an adaptable, comprehensive, open and positive mindset.
  • Be a person with ability to integrate in an intercultural group


  • Accommodation .
  • breakfast
  • Help and personal support.
  • Activities and fully experimental courses:
    * Spanish language and Quechua, the language of the Incas.
    * Exchange food, pastries, sweets and cocktails (Peruvian style)
    * Group tours without cost of guided led many attractions in the Andes and the central jungle of Peru, hiking, mountain climbing, camping, visits to traditional craft villages, visiting the lakes by boat, waterfalls and pre-Inca ruins in the mountains the valley
    * (optional) Traditional and mystic experiences of Andean culture, the Pachamama, tribute to the mountains, Munay, Andean energies, Inka reiki and yoga.
    * Information about traditional Peruvian Andean culture.
    *information about tourist destinations of Peru.
    *Tour of the city and interesting places
    *improve your level of Spanish in a practical way
    * Official Certificate of volunteer work


We offer accommodation to all volunteers, coordinators and collaborators in the house of the organization, it is a fairly quiet place, comfortable and safe, has basic services, hot water in the shower, kitchen equipped to cook food, drinking water and internet , normally you will have to share a room with other volunteers, however there is also the possibility of getting an individual room depending on the period and availability. to know more visit Accomodation


we work in a self-financed way, we collect our resources mainly from the contributions of volunteers, this makes it possible for our organization and projects to be kept alive and continuously, this contribution covers various expenses such as: rentals, materials, administrative expenses, and various goods and services.

We ask for the following contribution amounts:

  • 290 Euros for the first month, 250 Euros for each month of participation from the second month onwards

* Lunch (optional): check availability

* discount or exemption from the amount of contribution from the second month to those who seek a longer time of participation and involvement in our social work and organization, check availability and coordinate with Jose Cotera the coordinator in Peru


  • The application process lasts from two to seven business days
  • You have to send us in Application form
  • send curriculum vitae and motivation letter
  • contact by social network
  • Skype interview.
If you are ready for this topic and experience, apply here. Application