We are a non-commercial and cooperative community project in all its components, and as such, we strive to provide free courses, training and real, fun, experiential and cultural exchange experience. fully customized

What are you going to experience participating in this volunteering?

  1. cooking and Peruvian food (OPTIONAL) - in a practical and fun way, you will learn how to cook Peruvian cuisine (stews, cakes, sweets etc), not by a school chef but by ourselves, accustomed to developing and cooking always, the flavors of our own culture, with rich, clean and healthy ingredients, we will also love to know the cuisine of your country, this will be an interesting experience.
  2. Quechua language (Optional) - language spoken by the inhabitants of the Peruvian Andes, official speech of the Old Inca Empire, spoken by millions of people in Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia you can have a basic level in weeks and practice it with native speakers in your travels and with the people of the project.
  3. (optional and only for connoisseurs or people who wish to seriously experience this knowledge) experience and learn from the hand of knowledgeable people about the Andean and Inca cosmovision, as well as the various forms of energy and Andean mysticism in its various forms , reiki and inka table, munay among others
  4. cocktails and drinks Peruvian and Andean (optional).

Excursions to attractions of the Area and interesting places of Peru:

  • Are excursions and group trips, without being tied to "tours" of commercial character, you will be able to know of many places of interest Landscape, ecological, cultural or tourist (mountains, lakes, forests, valleys, villages, craft fairs etc ) with the guide and accompaniment of volunteers and coordinators, where you will have freedom in the schedule, stay and exhibition in a more natural and bearable way of living.
  • The cost to accompany you to areas around the project does not cost anything, it is part of our hospitality as friends and organization, visit the city and know places of interest such as markets, crafts shops, plazas, parks and monuments, also ,
  • At medium or long distances to the project (CENTRAL JUNGLE AND TRAVELS THAT LAST MORE THAN ONE DAY), you can only give as a courtesy, this will help your "guide" with the expenses of passage or accommodation
  • Also, if you wish, we can organize trips to Peru's most famous tourist places
  • Usually weekends, Saturdays and Sundays of each week if the trips are relatively long we also use some days Friday,
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