In the Peruvian Andes it is common to cook food in artisan kitchens with firewood, especially in households with less economic resources, so this product is linked to the great lack of knowledge about the risks of inhalation of smoke. firewood, there are a lot of people who develop diseases from this practice, one of the benefits of improved kitchens is to reduce the amount of smoke in the environment where food is prepared. The smoke contains many harmful components such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, formaldehyde and polyaromatic hydrocarbons such as benzoa pyrine.

problem and treatment


As a result of exposure to smoke, there are problems with the respiratory system, eye diseases (cataracts and blindness), increased infections, problems with chronic pulmonary obstruction, pulmonary fibrosis, anemia, adverse pregnancy outcomes and lung cancer.

This type of cooking, in addition, to reduce the high risk of burns, provides a convenient and efficient way of cooking, contributing greatly to the energy savings and reducing and alleviating the deforestation process, alleviating human pressure in the destruction of the environment .

our work


Since the beginning of 2012, our organization has been promoting the construction of improved kitchens in areas of extreme poverty around the Andean city of Huancayo, places such as the "beautiful hill", "hill" and towns in the Mantaro Valley have benefited from training , information and construction of these kitchens, including conservation processes regarding their use, as well as the health risks to the exposure to Smoke, to numerous families, further promoting cooperation in the construction of the same and the solidarity community work.

Objectives of this project:


  • raise public awareness about the benefits of cooking using improved kitchens, and the hazards of exposure to wood smoke.
  • Teach the population, the process of manufacturing improved kitchens, by building kitchens in homes with less economic resources.
  • To contribute to the improvement of the health of the population with a better treatment in the expulsion of smoke emissions outside the dwelling by means of chimney.
  • Save fuel for cooking, such as fuelwood, also contributing to limit deforestation.
  • Optimize the combustion process, during the food preparation process, reducing cooking times.
  • Improve cleaning conditions and comfort during food preparation, avoiding burns.


  • Previous experience is not necessary
  • adaptive, patient and positive person
  • Being over 18 years
  • capacity for teamwork
  • it is not necessary to have a level of Spanish
  • a minimum participation time of two weeks


Who can help?

your participation can not only be through direct construction (manual labor), or contribution of materials, but also through participation in awareness, planning and promotion of our work, for this, although this is suitable for social workers, sociologists, educators, psychologists, health professionals, etc., anyone with a desire to support can participate.

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