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Work and Volunteering in the Andes: direct & of social impact

For more than ten years we have been developing a form of work and social volunteering in areas of the central Andes in situations of extreme poverty and need, in places far from the normal tourist circuits or “beautiful beaches and surfing” in Peru, achieving this way to offer and enjoy a social work and cultural immersion more adapted to the reality of Peru and its native culture, still alive in the Peruvian Andes, this work is entirely directed and promoted by volunteers with a social vocation to help others, with coordinators natives of the Andes with training in social areas, knowledgeable about the local culture and adapted to an intercultural life and interrelation.

This is a great opportunity to know and live in a very experiential way the reality of the Country, in a friendly and safe way, integrated into a multicultural team, also enjoying many excursions on weekends, varied exchange courses and enjoying a Very dynamic and intense the diverse options of social life, fun and natural way of life of the people of the Andes and jungle of Peru.

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